Sunday, October 23, 2016


I am currently enrolled in a class.  Last week we had our technology portion of the class.  I learned about many apps, websites, and "techy" tricks, but the one thing I learned that I immediately took back to my school was the Chrome app "screencastify".  I was so excited learning about this, that during the lecture I emailed my principal and she immediately emailed back.  This solves our problem with our morning announcements.  I teach at a school with deaf and hard of hearing students, now morning announcements can be signed and broadcast!   Since our school uses chrome books, it's always exciting to find apps that will work with them and that others have used successfully.  If you are unfamiliar with adding an app from the Chrome store, watch how I add screencastify, click on the link and follow my directions on screencastify, Directions to add Screencastify

After you have recorded you can then get a link to share with anyone.  In the upper corner you will see the share icon.  Click on that.

Once you click on that, this screen will pop up.
You will then get a link that you can either email to people, share in your google classroom, or convert into a QR code!  So exciting!  I have the free version, with the free version you can record as many videos as you like, but each video can only be 10 minutes long, which is enough for me.  Those of you that want more options you might want to consider paying the annual fee, with that fee you have a longer recording time, you also will be able to crop videos, with the free version you do not have that capabiity.  I have students record themselves using the educreations app, explaining how they solved a problem,  I only have 2 ipads for the classroom.  This app will solve the problem, as we have a class set of chrome books!  

So when I was using this, it took me some time to figure out how to see my videos.   This is how:

I can also now record myself explaining something and then add it to my googleclassroom for students to view!  The possibilities are endless!  

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