Saturday, January 10, 2015

High Frequency Word "books"

As I've said in a previous post, I teach 1 week and the next week I'm the district's Thinking Maps coach.  I do this with my teaching partner.  It has been very difficult...  I give anyone who shares a contract kudos.  We have an advantage where we are on site and can communicate with each other.  Each Monday, I feel like I'm walking into a new class.  Although we communicate often throughout the week, there is always something.  I love each job, but sharing both jobs is hard.

To take my mind off of work items, I enjoy computer work.  So I've been sitting in my living room and when my husband turns the TV on, I've been working on some high frequency word "books" we used when I taught kindergarten.  I always wanted to have the insides of every word book differentiated, I had worked on a few, but not the full set of 100 words.  In our district, kindergarten students have to be able to fluently read 100 words by June.  It's a difficult task, so many of our students start the year, never attending any type of preschool and they can't tell the difference between a letter, number, or shape.  We have a long road ahead of us each year.  Through the years I've used different things  others or myself have created and by trial and error had a very successful system.  Our site went to full day kindergarten about 7 years ago, since that time we have had an 85% or better success rate in our students learning 100 sight words.  (one year I even had 100% of my students learn 100 sight words)  One piece of it are these books that I've wanted to differentiate.  So, I've been working on those and when I have completed all 100 I will post these on TPT.  The following are a few pages I've included in the document, it gives you an idea of how we have used these books.  If you'd like to print out one of the books use this link: 
March 2015 -  All books are complete here is the link to the bundle, if you only want 20 words you can follow the link on the TPT page.