Tuesday, August 2, 2016

What New Strategy are you Trying?

Each year during summer vacation, I read one professional book.  From that book I usually find something new to try in my new school year.  Unfortunately, I just did not get around to finishing the book I started.  I go back to work in 2 days!  ARGH!  BUT upon a colleague's recommendation, I watched this video through facebook: Brag Tags  After watching the video I was sold!  I am going to try "Brag Tags" this year.  They look like this:

Image result for image of brag tags

I bought mine from Lucky Little Learners on Teachers Pay Teachers (there are other sellers, search for the tags you like best).  I also made some myself, that I can edit.  I have been printing and cutting for the last couple of days.  Then today I received my drawers that I will be storing them in.  I'm so excited!  I just can't wait to fill it up!

akro-mils 10164 drawer bin cabinet,6-3/8 in. d,20 in. w
I am going to try to use the brag tags and no longer have students pick prizes from the prize box.  Their prize is their brag tag.  I purchased necklaces for them to add each brag tag to.  I also purchased hook thumbtacks.  I have a bulletin board where I have students display their work they are most proud of for the week, this is where their thumbtack is.  Image result for image of hook thumb tacksIf they play with their necklace they will then hang it on the hook near their work.  Drawers, thumbtacks, and necklaces were purchased on Amazon

As a teacher, we all hope that our students have that intrinsic motivation to do well.  Some do, but not all, I'm hoping these brag tags will motivate those student's that need extrinsic motivation.  I'm looking forward to this new school year.  I will be teaching a 3/4 combo and will be looking for ways to motivate all of my students.

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