Sunday, February 5, 2017

How to Fix the One Thing that you Dread Doing in Google Classroom

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What is the one thing that you dread doing, as a teacher, in google classroom?  I don't know about you, but I dread when I have to print student work.  It's this tedious thing to open each student's work one by one and then print.  ARGH!  Well, I attended OC CUE Tech Fest 2017 and learned how to do this in 5 minutes or less.  If printing is something that you dread doing, because you know how long this will take, you've got to try this.

Go to the chrome store and search for PDF Mergy and then add it.  Once you have it on your computer then all you need to do is go into your google classroom and pick the assignment you'd like to print, select all, then merge, doing this will merge all of your students work onto one pdf file. (Since it's a pdf you can not make comments)  Printing is something that would take me at minimum 20 minutes now takes less than 5!  YAY!  

Here's another time saver.  Have you wanted to see your google classroom class list as you are grading each project?  I have.  Well, now you can.  If you add these extensions you can:


These two extensions will allow you to have your screens side by side.  So you can click on each child and up pops their work.  You no longer need to close and open each child's document one by one, you have a second window now that will show work along side your class names.  This will save you time when you want to put their grades in as you grade.  YAY!  Another time saver!!!

Hope these time savers help you out!  They've helped me!  

Updated 2/4/2018
I just returned from OCCUE Tech Fest and learned one more time saver that is Alice Keeler's Dash 20, also in the available in the Chrome web store.   The extension looks like this:
It works when you are in your Google drive.  If you are on a page that will not work, it will be grayed out, when you are in something it will work in, it will appear like the above icon.  The way this works, is you can open a folder in your google drive that has multiple documents.  You click on it and it will open up to 20 files almost instantly!!!!  Yay!  What a time saver!!!  

Hope you find this helpful!!!

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